Terms of Use

Recently, I have been adding resources and making them available for download.  As such, here are my Terms of Use for those resources.


These resources are offered to you free of charge to use in your classroom, at home or with your private students.
All I ask it that you:

  • do not claim them as your own
  • do not remove my signature from the resource
  • do not sell the resource
  • do not upload them to any other website

If you wish to share, please direct others to the blog post and not to the direct download link.

The idea for many of the resources offered here may not be originally mine hence the main reason for not selling them.  However, the actual creation of it is my work.

Any graphics/ clipart I used was offered free of charge by other parties.  I do not claim them as my own.  Most of the time I use graphics from mycutegraphics.com.  (see Links)

If you use this resource, it would be nice to leave a comment.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Take care,


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