Valentine’s Day Finds

Hey everybody,

It’s been a while since I posted here but I hope you’re still out there.  Today I’d like to share some Valentine’s Day ideas I found – all are freebies of course.

Firstly here are some free fonts!  Who could refuse these beautiful, free fonts especially for Valentine’s Day.  Free Fonts

Next, here are some coupons for children to give to their parents.  I plan to customize these.  Coupons

Here is a freebie from teacherspayteachers.  They are classroom cards that friends can give to each other to foster that caring atmosphere in the classroom.  Caring Cards

Hope you enjoyed these special freebies and you can share your favourites in the comments below.




Sight word Game Cards

This resource can be used to play two games: Pelmanism (memory) or Snap.  You may think of other games as well.

Game One: Pelmanism

In Britain it is called Pelmanism after Christopher Louis Pelman, who founded the “Pelman Institute for the Scientific Development of Mind, Memory and Personality” in London in 1899.

You need to create two sets of word cards –  two of each word.  Shuffle and place them face down.  The first player turns over a card and reads the word.  He then turns over another card and reads the word.  If the cards match he gets to keep the pair and play again.  See the ‘How To Play’ file included for more details.


Game Two: Snap

I could vouch for this game being fun, fun, fun!  My students love this one.  You need only one set of word cards – one of each word.  Shuffle and place the cards face up.  One person (teacher or student)  calls a word from the set.  Students ‘snap’ the word (cover with their hand).  The first one to snap the word gets to keep it.

  snap set upsnapping 1 

Both games enhance memory, visual discrimination and of course reinforce instant recognition of high-frequency or sight words taught.

The package includes:

  • 1 .pdf file with 2 pages which you need to print back and front.  The front is blank for you to insert your own words.
  • 1 How To Play word document
  • 1 Terms of Use notepad file

I hope you and your students enjoy this resource as we work, play and grow together.

download button for Limited Resources



I’ve been making clipart!  Why?  Well I’m always looking for clip art to use on worksheets or to make other resources for classroom use.

So why don’t you just continue downloading other people’s clip art?  Well… because… errr – it’s just fun to do my own.  Now you can download my clip art to use in your projects.

See the sidebar on the left?  See my other blog?  Right, just hop on over a enjoy!

ps: I’ve only just begun so the collection isn’t large but it’s good quality so check back for more.

My “Pringles” Desk Caddy

“Limited Resources” is one of the short-listed names for my craft business.  I really wish I could do this for a living specifically for teachers.  Today, in light of school being about to re-open, I sat down at my dining table and made myself a desk caddy.  I used limited resources and somewhere in the middle of the project I gave myself a challenge.


Construction paper, paper glue, scissors, scotch tape, stickers… and the main thing: Pringles tins!


Use no other material but paper.

Do not use a ruler or pencil.

And I did it!  Everything was cut free hand and everything was held together with glue or tape… mostly glue.  The first one I did has a few little buttons for decoration but that was before I made up the challenge.

Here are the pictures:)  The First Part and My Workspace

The Second Part

The Third Part:)

Then there was this little fella.  He was once a container for air-freshener – the little gels?  So I cut a strip of paper, stuck Strawberry Shortcake on it and slipped it inside.  No glue or tape necessary.  He will hold the little stuff like the eraser, sharpener, paper clips etc.


Now for the final product and my final workspace:)

Hope you had as much fun watching as I had creating.  Now, who wants one? (I have a hundred, million ideas still for this project.)

ps:  I wish I was better at picture-taking.  The pics are so…. yellow!

Art and Craft – Weaving

Creativity is difficult to measure and when children create there is no right or wrong; good or bad.  Application of active learning principles requires that children be given choice in their learning.  When it comes to Art/Craft, many teachers have an end product in mind.  They show the children their lovely creation (or someone else’s) and the children are expected to create one “just like it.”  In fact, many of them actually want to create one just like the teacher’s.

For my Art/Craft lessons, I try to teach the children certain skills that can then be used to create whatever they wish.  Some of these skills for young children include weaving, threading, drawing, designing, pattern making, modeling, printing, lettering, paper-folding.  All of these and more can be taught to the child and then when that special day like Mothers’ Day arrives, the child can create something for mom which is unique and special and doesn’t look like it came from an assembly line.

I was pleasantly surprised that the children did so well at weaving the very first time.



I happened to mention that after the actual weaving, the ‘mat’ could be used to make several items like a table-mat, a purse etc.  A few of the girls loved the idea and came to me after school hours wanting help to make little handbags.  Here are their creations: