I love making resources.  I mean, really, really love it.  So, I saw this idea on the internet some time and decided to make them for my class.  It is a spaceman to help children remember to put spaces between words as they write.

big finger little fingerSince we generally use finger spaces, I altered the one I saw so that it fit onto the child’s finger – the very finger they would use to put the space between words.   small finger

Just not to be left out of the fun, I made a bigger one for me to use on the board.  Two fingers fit in there.  So I was able to demonstrate as I wrote on the board.

on board

Somehow they remembered to put a ‘finger space’ when the spaceman was there to remind them.  Even the ones who had already mastered the spacing issue, kept asking to use Mr Spaceman when writing.

in books

Hope you like this idea. Better yet, try it!

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The resource was made for personal use only and I gained no profit in making it.



I’ve been making clipart!  Why?  Well I’m always looking for clip art to use on worksheets or to make other resources for classroom use.

So why don’t you just continue downloading other people’s clip art?  Well… because… errr – it’s just fun to do my own.  Now you can download my clip art to use in your projects.

See the sidebar on the left?  See my other blog?  Right, just hop on over a enjoy!

ps: I’ve only just begun so the collection isn’t large but it’s good quality so check back for more.

5 Year Old Children – Authors and Illustrators

This story was written by 5-6 year-old students of the Infant Year I class of my school.   It was part of a class project in keeping with the school’s theme: “Making Every GLMS Child Literate”. The sub-theme chosen for the class was “Exploring our world.”

The idea for this book started off when I presented the class with a picture of a fish as a stimulus for a Reading lesson using the Language Experience Approach. Apart from oral reading, I wanted to use it to introduce capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

After the lesson the students wanted to continue the story and this led to five chapters of the story of Aries The Fish! The children were very eager and excited to work on the story and they looked forward to adding to it every day.

Many, many lessons came out of this including: Phonics, Capitalization, Punctuation,  Identifying sentences, Types of sentences, Media Literacy, Comprehension—main idea,  sequencing, self-to-text connections, answering literal and inferential questions, Oral reading, Grammar, Sight words and more.

We were sad to end the story but the cliff-hanger left it open for a Part Two! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!


Sending Them Off

This post is rather late.  I had it laying in ‘draft’ stage for the longest while and reading it today almost brought a tear to my eye.  The children are already gone but here goes.

“I’d rather be jumping around with some noisy children than doing all this paperwork!”  This I said to the clerical officer at my school yesterday.  The school year is coming to a close and for some reason I had a lot of paperwork to complete.  I didn’t know that the paperwork was a blessing in disguise.  It kept my mind off of the fact that I was sending these children off to another teacher next year.

It was my first year in the Infant Year One class.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to deal with a bunch of crying five-year-olds entering school for the first time but what a rewarding experience it was!   I had a lovely group of children and even the most troublesome one I love and will sorely miss.

She is the girl whose name is known throughout the school.  The Principal knows her, the teachers of the upper level classes know her, the cleaners know her.  She is the girl whose name is always followed by dramatic sound effects in my head.  You remember Darla from “Finding Nemo?”  Try it.  Say “Darla!”  Did you hear the dramatic sound effects?  Now that’s my girl.  Yet, I miss her when she’s absent and I will miss her when she’s gone on.  By the end of the year she’s hugging me and telling me that she wished I was her mom.

Then there’s my ‘popular girl.’ From the very beginning she declared that she wanted to be a popular girl.  It took only a little while to realize that she wanted to be a pop singer.  She is the girl who wants to sing for you every minute of the day.  She is also impulsive and blurts out answers while raising her hand and standing up.  She is helpful and respectful, constantly wants to hug you and verbally expresses her love for you.  By the end of the year she had a song book with written songs in it.

Then there’s the tiny boy.  His shoe size is amazing to look at.  They are the tiniest shoes ever and they still fall off his feet when he walks.  The uniform is huge on him but it’s the smallest size.  He is obsessed with tops and would spin them throughout the day even when he should be working.  He is heart broken when the top breaks but always seem to have another soon enough.  He is an excellent reader and although he takes all morning to complete one writing exercise, he is right on target.  By the end of the year he is patting his friend on the shoulder and telling him not to worry about his (the friend’s)  broken top, and that he’ll get another one.  Awwww.

Then there’s the shouter who cannot speak softly but is enthusiastic about school and life; the chubby dancer boy who never, ever stops dancing and who never, ever stops laughing; the all round, mature girl who is always neat, polite, well behaved and gets everything right; the quiet, shy boy who now takes part in class; the boy with the bright smile who you can never be upset with no matter what; the boy with the small smile and a mischievous look in his eyes who says the most funny things very softly; the girl who struggles with Reading and is the kindest, most helpful one of all; and all the others.

I will miss these children who made me laugh and made my life so much better for knowing them.  I will miss these children who have grown and blossomed and who will continue to do so as they move on.  God bless them.

See you next door!