Extra Vacation for Teachers

The Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago has released a notice to all Principals that because of the extra week added to the third school term in 2015, teachers will be given three weeks vacation instead of two for Easter 2016.



“Seriously?!” said the teachers in a chorus.  “Of course not,” replied Lisa with a devious smile.  She paused, then sweetly added, “Today is April the 1st.”

On the bright side, you still have one week to plan your work for the final term.

Have a nice day people!


Valentine’s Day Finds

Hey everybody,

It’s been a while since I posted here but I hope you’re still out there.  Today I’d like to share some Valentine’s Day ideas I found – all are freebies of course.

Firstly here are some free fonts!  Who could refuse these beautiful, free fonts especially for Valentine’s Day.  Free Fonts

Next, here are some coupons for children to give to their parents.  I plan to customize these.  Coupons

Here is a freebie from teacherspayteachers.  They are classroom cards that friends can give to each other to foster that caring atmosphere in the classroom.  Caring Cards

Hope you enjoyed these special freebies and you can share your favourites in the comments below.