Tutorial – Installing a new font

Okay so here’s a mini-tutorial on installing a new font.  This was done using Windows 7.  (If the pictures are too small please click on them to enlarge.)

First – Download the font and save it somewhere handy – your desktop for example.  Let’s use the one I gave the link to under the ‘Finds’ section.


Next click on the start icon at the bottom left of your screen:  Windows-Start-Button

Now click on control panel  Picture2

That would take you to this folder:   Picture3

Go to the top bar and click the little arrow next to ‘control panel’ then select “All Control Panel Items”.  You should see this:


Click on the folder named ‘Fonts.’

Next, drag the new font into this folder.  If it is in a zip file, just click on it to open the zip file and drag it into the fonts folder.  Your font should be there and available to use in MSWord, Publisher or other programs.


I hope this was helpful and that you were able to install your new font easily:)

Take care!