Penmanship Fonts

Hello teachers,

Today I’m targeting teachers in Trinidad and Tobago as the Ministry of Education recently launched its “Penmanship with a Purpose” programme and we are turning our focus to having consistent handwriting instruction from Infant One to Standard Five.  To aid in this regard I have a list of fonts here that you can use on your worksheets, resources or charts.

These fonts are consistent with the Traditional Manuscript or Print as stated in the Penmanship manual for Infants One and Two.  Click on fonts to download.

KG Miss Kindergarten

KG Primary Penmanship

KG Neatly Printed

KG What the teacher wants

Glacial Indifference (Some of the capital letters are different)

Coco Gothic

For tracing try: 

Miss Olsen’s classroom

National Dotted (the y is curved which is not in keeping with the Infant One and Two print but is recommended for Standard One)

Penmanship Print (has lines and the letters are spaced out in words)

I am still on the hunt for pre-cursive fonts that match the Standard One style.  If I don’t find it then I may very well look into writing one myself!

Hope you find these useful.  If you find more to add to the list, please leave a link in the comments. Thank you.  Enjoy!


Valentine’s Day Finds

Hey everybody,

It’s been a while since I posted here but I hope you’re still out there.  Today I’d like to share some Valentine’s Day ideas I found – all are freebies of course.

Firstly here are some free fonts!  Who could refuse these beautiful, free fonts especially for Valentine’s Day.  Free Fonts

Next, here are some coupons for children to give to their parents.  I plan to customize these.  Coupons

Here is a freebie from teacherspayteachers.  They are classroom cards that friends can give to each other to foster that caring atmosphere in the classroom.  Caring Cards

Hope you enjoyed these special freebies and you can share your favourites in the comments below.