Penmanship Fonts

Hello teachers,

Today I’m targeting teachers in Trinidad and Tobago as the Ministry of Education recently launched its “Penmanship with a Purpose” programme and we are turning our focus to having consistent handwriting instruction from Infant One to Standard Five.  To aid in this regard I have a list of fonts here that you can use on your worksheets, resources or charts.

These fonts are consistent with the Traditional Manuscript or Print as stated in the Penmanship manual for Infants One and Two.  Click on fonts to download.

KG Miss Kindergarten

KG Primary Penmanship

KG Neatly Printed

KG What the teacher wants

Glacial Indifference (Some of the capital letters are different)

Coco Gothic

For tracing try: 

Miss Olsen’s classroom

National Dotted (the y is curved which is not in keeping with the Infant One and Two print but is recommended for Standard One)

Penmanship Print (has lines and the letters are spaced out in words)

I am still on the hunt for pre-cursive fonts that match the Standard One style.  If I don’t find it then I may very well look into writing one myself!

Hope you find these useful.  If you find more to add to the list, please leave a link in the comments. Thank you.  Enjoy!


World Teachers’ Day

8d9b966e07312dd20f1a451f467d564b--scripture-art-couple-stuffWord Teachers’ Day was on October 5th 2017.  It was a normal working day.  Another day of giving my all to my wonderful students.  But I will admit that I was disappointed that not one parent saw it fit to acknowledge the day.  It’s like that in the school where I teach.  Nevertheless, it didn’t affect my day and our staff was treated to breakfast and lunch courtesy our Principal.
However, today I was brought back to World Teachers’ Day when, as I was browsing Facebook, I saw a video about schools in Finland and their methods of educating which produce some of the highest ranked students in the world.  Shortly after, I read a post about ‘unschooling’ and the freedom it affords students in finding what they love and learning all the ‘subjects’ along the way.  Both methods seem to have the same goal – student happiness.
I thought about the education system that I was in and started to feel like I was totally wasting my life pretending to be a teacher. The sinking feeling was real.
Then I remembered what our Principal shared with us for the month of the teacher. “Think about the teacher that impacted you and what he/she did to make a difference in your life, then do that.”
As I reflected, I realized that for me, it had nothing to do with the curriculum.  It was the teacher who took interest in me as a person. The teacher who loved my middle name so much he started calling me by it.  The teacher who made me feel special for being the only friend of a girl who everyone else shunned.  The other teacher who sat me down and asked about my family and home.
I remember the ones I disliked as well.  The teacher who made class time feel like preparing for my beheading.  The one who put me to the back of the class for not having my recorder – as if it were my fault my parents couldn’t afford it.
Then there were the ones who were just indifferent or partial.  Did I become creative as an adult?  No.  So how come Art class was so dreary and Music was torture?  I discovered that I was a natural at badminton and lawn tennis on the courts with borrowed rackets, but the PE teacher probably didn’t even know my name.  In other words, they were uninspiring.  They didn’t see what was in me.
So it was a time of reflection.  What kind of teacher did I turn out to be?  I’ve always believed in getting to know my students.  But had I gotten lost in the constant meeting of deadlines, testing, record keeping, committee meetings, keeping up with the curriculum?
Then I remembered the students who gave me feedback that had nothing to do with curriculum. The one who remembered that I prayed and it really happened. Who said, “Prayer really works.” The one who said I was the kindest teacher to her. The one who said he wished I was his mummy; the one who said Mrs Mendoza is fun and the one who agreed, “But you are!”
So this is the reason I chose this quote to put on my classroom wall.  “They don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”
I will do more to show that I care.
Kaden made this

He made this all on his own and presented it to me.


Back to School Gift

Hello there,

It’s been a long time but I must stop and say thank you to all who have been downloading my sight word parking lot!  Almost every week I get a notification that it has been downloaded so I take it that it’s working for you.

Schools are about to reopen here in Trinidad and Tobago and I thought I would give you teachers a back to school gift.   I am now live on TeacherspayTeachers and this is my first product!  Eeek!

It is a Jolly Phonics inspired workbook/ worksheets that I designed to help reinforce the Level 1 (Red) Tricky Words.  Here is a preview.

preview page

You can download the resource here.  Please look out for my supplementary reading pages coming soon!

Have a really blessed term teachers. Enjoy!


Extra Vacation for Teachers

The Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago has released a notice to all Principals that because of the extra week added to the third school term in 2015, teachers will be given three weeks vacation instead of two for Easter 2016.



“Seriously?!” said the teachers in a chorus.  “Of course not,” replied Lisa with a devious smile.  She paused, then sweetly added, “Today is April the 1st.”

On the bright side, you still have one week to plan your work for the final term.

Have a nice day people!

Valentine’s Day Finds

Hey everybody,

It’s been a while since I posted here but I hope you’re still out there.  Today I’d like to share some Valentine’s Day ideas I found – all are freebies of course.

Firstly here are some free fonts!  Who could refuse these beautiful, free fonts especially for Valentine’s Day.  Free Fonts

Next, here are some coupons for children to give to their parents.  I plan to customize these.  Coupons

Here is a freebie from teacherspayteachers.  They are classroom cards that friends can give to each other to foster that caring atmosphere in the classroom.  Caring Cards

Hope you enjoyed these special freebies and you can share your favourites in the comments below.