I love making resources.  I mean, really, really love it.  So, I saw this idea on the internet some time and decided to make them for my class.  It is a spaceman to help children remember to put spaces between words as they write.

big finger little fingerSince we generally use finger spaces, I altered the one I saw so that it fit onto the child’s finger – the very finger they would use to put the space between words.   small finger

Just not to be left out of the fun, I made a bigger one for me to use on the board.  Two fingers fit in there.  So I was able to demonstrate as I wrote on the board.

on board

Somehow they remembered to put a ‘finger space’ when the spaceman was there to remind them.  Even the ones who had already mastered the spacing issue, kept asking to use Mr Spaceman when writing.

in books

Hope you like this idea. Better yet, try it!

Photo of spaceman courtesy:

The resource was made for personal use only and I gained no profit in making it.



2 thoughts on “Spaceman

  1. Hey Joanne. Thanks! I’m sorry I can’t send you the template because I lost it in my computer crash. However you can grab the picture of the spaceman at the link I posted and resize it to fit Zion’s finger. I simply attached a ‘loop’ to the back of it to insert the finger.

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