5 Year Old Children – Authors and Illustrators

This story was written by 5-6 year-old students of the Infant Year I class of my school.   It was part of a class project in keeping with the school’s theme: “Making Every GLMS Child Literate”. The sub-theme chosen for the class was “Exploring our world.”

The idea for this book started off when I presented the class with a picture of a fish as a stimulus for a Reading lesson using the Language Experience Approach. Apart from oral reading, I wanted to use it to introduce capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

After the lesson the students wanted to continue the story and this led to five chapters of the story of Aries The Fish! The children were very eager and excited to work on the story and they looked forward to adding to it every day.

Many, many lessons came out of this including: Phonics, Capitalization, Punctuation,  Identifying sentences, Types of sentences, Media Literacy, Comprehension—main idea,  sequencing, self-to-text connections, answering literal and inferential questions, Oral reading, Grammar, Sight words and more.

We were sad to end the story but the cliff-hanger left it open for a Part Two! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!



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