Felt boards

I love having resources to reinforce work done.  I love seeing the children use them in their own time.  I love to observe and see what further learning is taking place as they use the resources and of course the conversations they have with their peers.

Like Montessori, I like to prepare the environment.  So in this case, I put out the letters that we covered so that they can make words using the sounds they know.

Now I’m wondering why I said all that because the main idea of this post is to show you my individual felt boards.


An inexpensive picture frame or picture – TT$15.00/ approx. US$2.00

A sheet of felt (8.5 x 11) – TT$9.00 per sheet, which is a bit pricey

Glue gun and glue sticks

Stapler and staples

Pretty paper of choice

I didn’t get the picture frame – which would have made things a whole lot easier – so I used a picture.  I dismantled it because all I wanted was the frame.  I then stapled the felt sheet onto a piece of cardboard (from the picture) and fitted it into the frame.  I backed it with another piece of cardboard with glue and covered the back piece with pretty contact paper just so it would look nice.

And here it is:



By the way – that lovely chevron pattern in the back of my photos was made by me.  I’m getting into digital scrap-booking now!  I got the letters at a US$1.00 store back in 2010.


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