My “Pringles” Desk Caddy

“Limited Resources” is one of the short-listed names for my craft business.  I really wish I could do this for a living specifically for teachers.  Today, in light of school being about to re-open, I sat down at my dining table and made myself a desk caddy.  I used limited resources and somewhere in the middle of the project I gave myself a challenge.


Construction paper, paper glue, scissors, scotch tape, stickers… and the main thing: Pringles tins!


Use no other material but paper.

Do not use a ruler or pencil.

And I did it!  Everything was cut free hand and everything was held together with glue or tape… mostly glue.  The first one I did has a few little buttons for decoration but that was before I made up the challenge.

Here are the pictures:)  The First Part and My Workspace

The Second Part

The Third Part:)

Then there was this little fella.  He was once a container for air-freshener – the little gels?  So I cut a strip of paper, stuck Strawberry Shortcake on it and slipped it inside.  No glue or tape necessary.  He will hold the little stuff like the eraser, sharpener, paper clips etc.


Now for the final product and my final workspace:)

Hope you had as much fun watching as I had creating.  Now, who wants one? (I have a hundred, million ideas still for this project.)

ps:  I wish I was better at picture-taking.  The pics are so…. yellow!


3 thoughts on “My “Pringles” Desk Caddy

  1. Wow this is great work but as some wise man said,”work does not feel like work when we are doing what we love or what comes naturally”something like that i believe it was.Anyway, bring it on those million ideas keep them rolling.

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