Art and Craft – Weaving

Creativity is difficult to measure and when children create there is no right or wrong; good or bad.  Application of active learning principles requires that children be given choice in their learning.  When it comes to Art/Craft, many teachers have an end product in mind.  They show the children their lovely creation (or someone else’s) and the children are expected to create one “just like it.”  In fact, many of them actually want to create one just like the teacher’s.

For my Art/Craft lessons, I try to teach the children certain skills that can then be used to create whatever they wish.  Some of these skills for young children include weaving, threading, drawing, designing, pattern making, modeling, printing, lettering, paper-folding.  All of these and more can be taught to the child and then when that special day like Mothers’ Day arrives, the child can create something for mom which is unique and special and doesn’t look like it came from an assembly line.

I was pleasantly surprised that the children did so well at weaving the very first time.



I happened to mention that after the actual weaving, the ‘mat’ could be used to make several items like a table-mat, a purse etc.  A few of the girls loved the idea and came to me after school hours wanting help to make little handbags.  Here are their creations:



2 thoughts on “Art and Craft – Weaving

  1. Wow…would like to know how u did the bags. My girls will love. Zion is learning how to recognize a pattern. Weaving is a great way to show him how to make his own pattern.

    • After the weaving, they simply folded the sheet in half. We stapled up the sides and they added a handle on each side made out of paper and stuck with glue. One girl brought hers back today full of little notes and stuff. If I had planned it they could have threaded up the sides ’cause we did that before.

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