Aquatic Habitats – The Pond

For our Science lesson we had to explore aquatic habitats in general and the pond in particular.  My preference for a lesson like this is to take the children to visit a pond.  This first hand experience would have been the best option and would have allowed them to see for themselves the living and non-living things that are found in and around a pond.  They would have been able to observe, using all the senses.  Oh! the joy of discovery.

If this was not possible, other options included a virtual tour of a pond; viewing pictures and video clips on the computer; examining samples of pond water with some of the small organisms; asking parents to take their children to the pond and letting them report on their findings.

Yet, with so many obstacles in my path we ended up looking at pictures, discussing the pond and finally attempting to create a pond using paper.  This was definitely not my desired option but they were able to explain what an aquatic habitat is, list some living and non-living things found in and around a pond and state where in a pond some of these may be found.

Here are some pictures of what the children did.   Their creativity really showed here as they ‘created’ the mud, the stones, the fish, the lily pads and even a frog!  They drew, they cut, they folded, they coloured, they stuck.  At least they enjoyed the Art/ Craft that came out of it!

(Mouse over the pictures for a short description)


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